1.SE= Speed Enforcement
2.SPBN=Security and Protection Battalion
3.PIO=Police Internal Oversight
4.IMP=International Police Monitor
5.BPCS=Bangladesh Police Co-operative Society
6.DGFI=Director General of Forces Intelligence
7.ICPC= International Criminal PoliceCommission
8.IO=Investigation Officer
9.OC= Officer in Charge
10.SB=Special Branch
11.SP=Superintendent of Police
12.Rp=Rail Police
14.GD=General Diary
15.ADC=Additional Deputy Commissioner
16.ASP=Assistant Superintendent of Police
17.CID=Criminal Investigation Department
18.CMP=Chittagong Metropoliton Police
19.DMP=Dhaka Metropoliton police
20.FIR=First Information Report
21.IGP=Inspector General of Police
22.NSI=National Security Intelligence
23.PRB=Police Regulation of Bengal
24.SAF=Special Armed Force
25.DGFI=Director General of Forces Intelligence
26.DIGP=Deputy Inspector General of Police
27.VCNB=Village Crime Note Book
28.RMP=Rajshahi Metropoliton Police
29.RAB=Rapid Action Battalion
30.ApBn=Armed Police Battalion.

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