Some Common Abbreviation

Here we gave some common abbreviation, all these we use in our daily life. These all also very important for any kind of examination/test.
• J.S.C- Junior School Certificate.
• J.D.C- Junior Dakhil Certificate.
• S.S.C- Secondary School Certificate.
• H.S.C- Higher Secondary Certificate.
• A.M— Ante meridian.
• P.M— Post meridian.
• B. A— Bachelor of Arts.
• B.B.S – Bachelor of Business Studies.
• B.S.S- Bachelor of Social Science.
• B.B.A- Bachelor of Business Administration.
• M.B.A- Masters of Business Administration.
• B.C.S- Bangladesh Civil Service.
• M.A.- Master of Arts.
• B.Sc.- Bachelor of Science.
• M.Sc.- Master of Science.
• B.Sc. Ag.- Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.
• M.Sc.Ag.- Master of Science in Agriculture.
• M.B.B.S.- Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.
• M.D.- Doctor of Medicine./ Managing Director.
• M.S.- Master of Surgery.
• Ph.D./ D.Phil.- Doctor of Philosophy (Arts & Science)
• D.Litt./Lit.- Doctor of Literature/Doctor of Letters.
• D.Sc.- Doctor of Science.
• B.Com.- Bachelor ofCommerce.
• M.Com.- Master of Commerce.
• B.ed- Bachelor of education.
• Dr.- Doctor.
• Mr. – Mister.
• Mrs. – Mistress.
• Miss – used for unmarried girls.
• M.P.- Member of Parliament.
• M.L.A.— Member of Legislative Assembly.
• M.L.C— Member of Legislative Council.
• P.M.— Prime Minister.
• V.P- Vice President/ Vice Principal.
• V.C- Vice Chancellor.
• D.C- District Commissioner./ Deputy Commissioner.
• S.P- Police Super.
• S.I- Sub Inspector.

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