Feb 23, 2017

Since its inception in 1938, Samsung has grown exponentially to be an industry leader in technology and now ranks as a top 10 global brand. Starting from the mobile chip production to innovation of the next level Smartphone like S series, Note series the world has been experiencing the technological revolution with Samsung for over 70 years.

Samsung Mobile started reaching out to Bangladesh market, first through import, then through strategic alliance. Finally, in 2009, Samsung Mobile Bangladesh was formed and continued to preserve its excellence here as well. Within just 6 years, we have managed to associate with 130 brand stores & 1000 semi brand stores and collaborated with all of the major telecom companies and banks of Bangladesh.

Samsung Mobile Bangladesh is also a pioneering brand of Bangladesh in terms of social media communication. We have changed the social media landscape of Bangladesh in 2013 with “REXposed’, the first ever online video series of the country. The show went viral and we made a sequel called “S-DUOSed” later in 2014.

We successfully landed the first ever consumer experience based campaigns like “Grand Wish” & “Amazing Wish” and created huge impact. Moreover, we have set the benchmark in terms of making the official hands on review of almost every Samsung smartphone released in Bangladesh market.

With unique and leading edge contents, videos and campaigns we have hit the milestone of achieving 2 million fans in Facebook on June 2015. We currently hold the title of most shared branded videos in Bangladesh by launching the first ever NRB (Non-resident Bangladeshi) focused campaign.

Be it about functionality or brand love, our campaigns are truly the best in the market. We won the award of “Best use of Social Media in Marketing” in World Brand Congress 2014, the 2nd highest prestigious global award in marketing. In early 2015 we were designated as “Smart Storyteller” by Socialbakers. Furthermore, Samsung Mobile Bangladesh was a strong contender for Engage Prague Awards 2015.

We also earned the title of “Campaign of the Year “in Golden Globe Tigers Summit Awards 2015. Moreover, we accomplished the glory of being “Asia’s Number One Brand” according to Asia’s Top 1000 Brands report, through a survey conducted by Campaign Asia-Pacific and Nielsen in 2015. With the trendsetting innovation and campaigns backed up with your love and support, we are now stronger than ever. Be a part of our cutting edge tech-stream and stay updated about all the exciting technological advancements coming through.

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