How will I earn points as a Rewards member? What happens to my existing Rewards points?

Your existing Rewards points balance will remain unchanged, and you’ll continue to earn 10 points per $1(USD) spent on eligible hotel charges and 5 points [...]

How will I earn points as an SPG member? What happens to my existing Starpoints®?

Your existing Starpoints® will convert to points and your balance will be multiplied times three during a one-time conversion. You’ll then earn 10 points [...]

How do I see all of my points and nights balances in one place?

You can see all of your points and nights balances in one place after you combine your Rewards and SPG accounts. Your newly combined account should accurately [...]

How do I check the status of a promotion I registered for?

Sign into your Account and view the status of all your promotions under the “Promotions” [...]

How do I register for a promotion?

Any promotions you are eligible for are located under the “Promotions” tab in your Account. To register for a promotion, simply click the register button [...]

What types of gift cards can I get using my Points?

There are two types of gift cards Members can redeem their Points for - Marriott Gift Cards and Merchandise and Retailer Gift Cards. Marriott Gift Cards are [...]

Can I purchase Points?

You can purchase Points for U.S. $12.50 per 1,000 Points. A maximum of 50,000 purchased or gifted Points will post to any active Membership Account per [...]

Can I redeem Points for a hotel and airline travel package?

Yes. Members can take advantage of an excellent vacation value with our Travel Packages. Exchange your Points for a week of hotel accommodations with airline [...]

What are Moments?

Our Moments program offers one-of-a-kind experiences and events for members to redeem or bid on using their Points through our member exclusive online [...]

Can I use my Points for awards other than hotel stays?

Absolutely. Through our network of partners, you have the opportunity to use your Points for air travel, ground transportation, merchandise and gift cards from [...]

How do I use my Points to make a reservation for a friend or family member?

To make a reservation for someone else using your Points, please contact Member Support. This option is not available [...]

What if I do not have enough Points for a Free Night Award when I book my stay?

If you do not have enough Points for the entire stay, you can still reserve your room at select hotels. When you make your reservation, you must select "Use [...]

What is a hotel category?

All Participating Properties are assigned categories that reflect how often guests choose to redeem Points at the property. The higher the category, the higher [...]

How do I use my Free Night Award?

Your Free Night Award arrives as an e-certificate; you can view your e-certificate(s) on the Activity page within your Account. These awards can be used [...]

How do I use my Points for a hotel stay?

To book a reservation online using Points: • Select “Use Points” in the hotel search form, • A list of hotels will appear with the number of Points [...]

How do I figure out how many Points I will need for a free stay in a hotel?

When searching for reservations on or any of our Loyalty Program websites, enter the city, state and country of any participating property to find [...]

Do SPG Points expire?

Members must remain active in the Loyalty Program to retain the Points they accumulate. If a Member is not active for 24 consecutive months, that Member will [...]

I book meetings and groups with my Marriott Rewards and SPG accounts. What do I need to do to ensure I receive benefits through SPG Pro or Rewarding Events for group business?

SPG Pro ended in August 2018 and Members now earn under the new Rewarding Events program. You can combine your Marriott Rewards and SPG accounts into one [...]

I was a member of the SPG Pro program. Can I still earn Points as a meeting planner?

Absolutely! Although the SPG Pro program ended in August 2018, Members are able to earn Points for meetings and events through the new Rewarding Events [...]

How can I earn Points as a meeting planner?

Members are able to earn Points for meetings and events through the new Rewarding Events structure across the brands that participate in this program. Make [...]
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